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Canadian French keyboard layout for Mac OS X

By , 2009-09-09 20:06

Mise à jour:  Ce clavier fonctionne toujours sous OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Il se trouve dans la catégorie “Autres” des méthodes de saisie.

Update: This keyboard layout still works with OS X 10.9 Mavericks. You can find it in the “Others” category of keyboard layouts. I have also put it on github.

Screenshot 2013-10-29 14.26.08Screenshot 2013-10-29 14.19.09

This used to be on my googlepages page, but apparently that’s going to be shut down, so here it is now.

Download from Github (updated version with  and Ô thanks to joallard)

Download, unzip and stick the two files (cf.icns and cf.keylayout) in /Library/Keyboard Layouts. Then go to System Prefs, International (Language and Text for Snow users), Input Menu and check off “Canadien Francais 0.9”. (You may need to log out and back in before the new layout appears in System Preferences).

I did NOT make this keyboard layout, I found it somewhere on the web but the original site is now gone.

Voici le clavier Canadien francais pour Mac OS X. C’est l’équivalent du clavier “Canadian French” ou Français (Canada) sous Windows. Pour installer, télécharger le fichier .zip depuis github, décompresser, et copier les deux fichiers (cf.icns et cf.keylayout) dans le dossier /Library/Keyboard Layouts.

Here is the actual keyboard layout screenshot:

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