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  1. pargie says:
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    In the words of “Emily Littella” … NEVER MIND 😉 – I found it alt2. Still, thank you so much Matthieu! Have a great life!

  2. Bart Rap says:
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    Hi Matthieu; My name is Bart and I am trying to get my HP 9470m to work on High Sierra.

    This is my config;

    HP EliteBook 9470m D9Y17AV, i5-3437U, intel HD 4000 1600×900, 250 GB Samsung EVO SSD, wifi BCM94352HMB, 8GB ram

    I am trying my utmost best to get it running but am not very lucky up until now.

    Would you be willing to help me if you have some time ?

    I have tried the EFI folder from your web site for High Sierra, but with about 2 minutes to go whilst installing, the installer reports a problem with the installation and the screen turns greay with the spinning rainbow ball.

    Hope to hear from you,

    Best regards and thank you from Holland, Bart Rap

    Bart Rap; wahtsapp +31655994906

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