Arcade Fire presents Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

By , 2012-01-08 22:37

I was watching the MuchMusic countdown and saw this awesome video. (yes, MuchMusic. They still exist, and still play music. I’m really loving having TV again… more on that later)

Arcade Fire presents Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – YouTube.

I’m not absolutely sure, but it seems the whole video was shot in a suburb of Montréal, Lasalle, which is where my parents lived for a while. Mom, Dad, recognize anything?

The empty photo studio is at 1465, boul Shevchenko.

How Canadian of me to get all excited to see a place in Canada on TV.

Anyway, cool video, great song. Watch it.

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    Hi Matthieu, I just saw the full video and I’m sure it’s Lasalle. I recognized the back of the Mall parking lot where she’s singing with her headphones on. I went to school in that area LCCHS. Pretty neat seeing a piece of your childhood getting international viewing!

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