Door-to-door water heater scam

By , 2009-08-27 19:54

Have you been visited by a National Home Services salesman lately? These people come to your door and try to get you to sign a contract for a long-term water heater rental. You then get stuck in a 15-year contract with a high cancellation penalty. To make matters worse, these salespeople lie through their teeth. Some say water heaters last only 2-5 years, others say Direct Energy doesn’t rent water heaters… My advice is don’t buy anything sold door-to-door, unless it’s a kid selling chocolate or cookies.

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  1. Monica says:
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    Hey I have something to say to you!
    It’s funny how you say these people lie threw there teeth but I bet you don’t right. What you never said a lie go get somewhere in life and if you say no your not human everybody lies it’s human nature.Another thing the whole 15yrs contract you an idoit if you don’t read things that you sign so what it might take a little while because you can’t see very good but maybe then you will understand better. these people are out everyday going to home to home and you think that there going to explain every detail NOOOOOOOO… That why they give you 10 days to cancel so inbetween those 10 days you have enough time to read threw and make your decsion. It’s just so funny to me how you guys make companys look horrible but in life you guys are the assholes!!!!!!!! By the way did you tell your wife the truth by NOW???

  2. Matthieu says:
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    Hello Monica from Universal Energy.
    Thanks for your feedback. I may have been a bit harsh in my comments. I stand corrected in that National Home services is not a scam, but merely a company who has made itself a poor image by either instructing or allowing its representatives to misinform (whether by lying or not telling the whole truth) potential customers. And very true, you should NEVER sign anything without reading it!

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