A stormy day off work

By , 2009-08-21 01:44

So I was off work today… It was a pretty good day, just generally relaxed. Spent the day at home, then out for tea and a movie with old high school friends. I left home at around 6pm and it had just started pouring rain, with a few fantastic bolts of lightning. I walked in to the coffee shop and while i was waiting for everyone to show up, I noticed that the TV in the corner was showing CP24 news. Apparently there had been a tornado in the area of Vaughan Mills shopping centre. While we didn’t experience much more than a severe thunderstorm (and some flooding, it seems Silver City was closed), the whole experience was somewhat surreal: friends together around a coffee shop table watching news reports and amateur video footage, while fire trucks passed by outside… It was quite nice though, we talked about all kinds of things, joked about horoscopes, discussed storms…

After we had chatted for a while, we decided to go watch District 9. It was a decent movie, quite entertaining, and I thought it was pretty cool that it was set in South Africa, instead of the USA.

A few videos and pictures from the storm (not mine, unfortunately):

“Take Immediate Precautions” … lol


Aaand I suppose that’s all for now.

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