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Windows shares on iSCSI volumes disappear after reboot

By , 2012-09-05 16:28

The loss of your Drobo’s shared resource settings (i.e., the volumes do not show) can be caused when the server service in Windows starts up before the iSCSI Initiator service does. The server service needs the iSCSI service to have already started file shares.

To fix this issue, open a command prompt, type: “sc config LanManServer depend= MSiSCSI” and press Enter.

via Drobo Support.

WRONG WRONG WRONG. If you run the above command, the LanManServer (Server) service will fail to start.

The correct command for adding the dependency on the iSCSI service (on a stock Win2K8 box) is

sc config lanmanserver depend= SamSS/Srv/MSiSCSI

Running the other command deletes the original dependencies of the Server service and replaces them with only  MSiSCSI.

Correct answer via User Error.

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