Summertiiiime … At work.

By , 2012-07-17 15:43

OK so time to revive my poor neglected blog.

It’s officially summer! Old news, I know, but I have to establish setting for my writing.

Summer means slow days at work, with a parking lot that has considerably more vacancies than usual. It also means we can use the school’s gym at lunch – I played basketball today for the first time since my collar injury and it went pretty well. Good times. From a sysadmin standpoint, slow days are great because there are less people around to complain about things being broken, so we take more liberties and break more stuff. (Usually making sure to fix it fairly quickly anyway though. Usually. )

This week I’m working on archiving e-mails with Symantec Enteprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange. It’s a pretty cool but pretty complex application, and it generally works pretty well. All the same, dealing with Exchange and Outlook and PST files (and a few PICNIC cases…) makes me wish we could use more cloud services. Like Google Apps for education: FREE managed e-mail with oodles of storage. Not to mention the rest of the Apps suite. Or even Microsoft Office 365. Anything but on-prem. This is one reason why I both love and hate working in tech for education.

On the slightly more fun (and not coincidentally, more FOSS) side of things, I just successfully updated our Web server environment to Proxmox 2/Debian 6. Which took a whopping… 2 hours. For 50+ independent sites with MySQL DBs. Do I ever love virtualization and shell scripts. (Sidenote: Firefox’s spell check doesn’t recognize “virtualization” as a word. It’s 2012 guys!)

Anyway, the PST migrator just dinged. Better go check on it.

More summertime stories with less work to come at some point.

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