“Unlimited” analogies – stolen from Gizmodo

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I love Internet comment analogies.

Re: “Unlimited” talk/text/data plans

4n7h0ny – Thu 31 May 2012 11:59 AM

I don’t get it, how can a carrier legally say that they are offering you unlimited data when it is in fact limited.

How would you feel going out to a nice Las Vegas all you can eat buffet and after your first plate of steak and shrimp someone comes up to you and says,

sorry sir you have hit the limit on our first tier of food, you can only have all you can eat of grits and buckwheat now.

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Benedinho @4n7h0ny

They claim it’s unlimited because you are able to access it whenever you want. So you may have a data cap, but if you stay within that cap, you are free to access the network whenever you please. It’s bullshit, but that’s how they’re able to make that claim.

4n7h0ny @Benedinho

So by the same logic when I fill up my car with gas I can drive unlimited miles, that is until I run out of gas.

Makes zero sense and this practice should be outlawed. Unlimited should mean unlimited and limited should mean limited.

wesfx @4n7h0ny

I absolutely agree. I worked in advertising for nearly 15 years… in fact I QUIT that field because of the blatant and aggressively deceptive practices they use. This kind of word twisting needs to be outlawed. They KNOW that they are implying unlimited bandwidth, but they hide behind sophistry and legalese to get out of being truthful.

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