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By , 2011-06-13 15:18

All right. Time to revive the ol’ blog.

A little while ago I “discovered” a service/site/blogging engine (whatever you want to call it) called Posterous. Aside from the typically attractive Web 2.0/AJAXy/social media/modern design goodness we’ve come to expect from online services, Posterous (like many other sites) promised to make sharing things online easier than ever. So, as another step on my endless quest for blogging/sharing perfection, (and yes, by the way, I know I use slashes too much) I decided to sign up for a posterous account. One interesting feature is the “Autopost to everywhere”. and when Posterous says everywhere, they mean it. Every social service I use is listed. I went ahead and added WordPress and Facebook for now. And now I’m testing the whole thing out by writing this post.

So, posterous: revolution? or social “spamming” made easy?

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