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In an effort to consolidate my blog posts (and create content with minimal effort), here are some items pulled from my tumblr trial run of early 2010.

Bear Cloud (by johncavacas) (via Torontoist)

A fun typing experiment

Here’s a fun game.

Click your address bar, then, as fast as you can, go go That’s goggle, as in swimming goggles.

For some reason shelves full of neatly stacked stationery make me happy.

Hyperbole and a Half: This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult

What a year on Earth really looks like. [VIDEO]

"Knight's Tour". From Wikipedia.

Star Trek: Tik Tok

The G20 is just an excuse for a photo-op and a cocktail party, but we’re not invited. It’s unequal and really drives home the point about who has power in this society. We have a fence, the interruption of our lives, soldiers in the streets and armed helicopters in the sky. On one side of that fence is us, the underlings, and on the other side, the, for lack of a better term, aristocracy. They’ve drawn a line right down the middle of our supposedly egalitarian society, told us to pay for it and they’re getting away with it.

— CBC News – Toronto – G20 exodus will require travel plan: police

We can receive the S. Korean TV signal better than its North Korean counterpart in the Haeju area,” Kim said, “TV sets are pre-tuned by the North Korean authorities to limit the access to TV channels. However, that does not bother us because we can use a stick.” (North Koreans call a remote control as a stick) In the border areas with China and South Korea such as Hwanghae and Kangwon Province, the North Korean authorities try to prevent people from watching S. Korean TV by soldering and pre-tuning TV sets to Chonsun (North Korea) Central TV. Lately, the authorities also attempt to restrict the usage of remote control by covering the sensor with silver paper. However, North Korean people circumvent the regulation. Instead of giving away their remote control to the authorities, they purchase an extra and watch the TV as they please after removing the silver paper. After all, the authorities’ efforts to control TV channels turn out to be futile for those who have remote control TV sets.

— Daily NK – North Korean People Copy South Korean TV Drama for Trade

Bayview village - the last mall with trees ?

found on /.

  • user 1: Correction: I did this with FOLDING@home, not SETI. I think SETI isn’t as useful.
  • user 2: The aliens have already done all of that protein folding nonsense. Once we make contact they’ll share their technology, making your silly Folding@home obsolete.

The Microsoft Live Platform

Microsoft Live platform (by niallkennedy)

Barack Obama, “Yes We Can”: A PowerPoint Deck | shmula

BP Spills Coffee (via UCBComedy)

Life's Good

Kesha Simpsons Intro Tik Tok HD

Who needs a solitare app when you can just run Windows 3.1

Who needs a solitare app when you can just run Windows 3.1

Why Our Civilization’s Video Art and Culture is Threatened by the MPEG-LA

Imagine knowing you’re pregnant, the moment it happens.

Nipper – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mirror neuron – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Emma: yeah, pas mal
organized is a weird word…
me: lol
what makes you say that?
Emma: i don’t know, i guess every word sounds funny if you repeat it enough
even just in your head
me: yes it does
like table
lol organized sounds like it could mean separated into organs
Emma: dude, yeah
words are just weird in general
they’re vocal representations of thoughts and ideas….like, they only convey part of what’s really going on in your mind
(i swear to god i am not stoned)
me: hehe
no i think that’s the mark of awesome people
when you can think of trippy shit without having to be stoned
like holy crap, mass times the speed of light times the speed of light IS energy
Emma: hahaha

(related) Waking Life – Language (via SoupDuBubble)

“only microsoft would brand trees”

"Baby" Carrot?

Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering) (via TheUlfG)

Lamebook – » Time for Type

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