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By , 2010-10-12 20:34

Just got a Samsung U70 USB monitor.

The U70 is very simple to set up. Just install the drivers, and then plug and play.

Drivers are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Performance is OK, can even display 3D graphics and HD video on it, although that causes very high CPU usage.

Build quality is good; packaging and instructions are in Korean. Comes with a double-USB cable, but in my experience only one is needed to power the monitor.

Screen quality is not the best, brightness is not quite uniform. However, the picture is very sharp and brightness and viewing angle are quite good.

I have tested with Mac, Linux and Windows, and it works great with all 3. Handy if you just need a little space to throw your music player, IM contact list, or have a video or other monitoring service running in sight all the time.

It’s a tiny little 7″ monitor, of “Slugterm” fame. There are a lot of things that can be done with this little gadget, perhaps a dual-monitor Nexus One setup? Check out Sven Killig’s website for inspiration.

For now I’m content with using it to watch videos while working.

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