By , 2010-09-20 22:22

Just received my new Kindle 3 today. Was pleasantly surprised. It’s light, thin,and very easy on the eyes. The built in webkit browser is quite good,if you don’t mind browsing in greyscale. I’m actually typing this post usimg the full WP admin page on my Kindle. The free 3g is also a fantastic plus. Wikipedia,Facebook, e-mail and news,from almost anywhere in the world, for a one-time fee of $189!

oh, and it reads books too. Quite well. I’m hoping this will help me get back into reading… We’ll see.

My one major gripe is the poor keyboard. Typing any symbol other than a period requires awkwardly navigating through an on screen Symbols panel usimg the directional pad. i think they could take a lesson from the BlackBerry symmbol input panel, which also displays am on screen table of symbols, but has each one mapped to a hardwarebutton to avoid havimg to scroll around.

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