Macbook Pro Triple-Boot

By , 2009-12-04 00:17

I did actually get my MBP (Unibody/2009/2.66GHz/SD) to triple-boot. I first partitioned my drive using the instructions found here:

The command you need is :sudo diskutil resizeVolume [disk identifier] [disk size] [partition type] [“Partition label”] [partition size] [partition type] [“Partition label”] [partition size]

where [partition type] is one of the types that shows up when you run
sudo diskutil listFilesystems

After that, install Windows 7 as normal, by booting from the CD (press Option to get the menu). Once Windows 7 is installed, download and install EasyBCD. Then reboot and boot from the Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit CD (you NEED 9.10 if you have a unibody macbook, 9.04 doesn’t work). Follow the install prompts, and on the last screen that summarizes the installation actions, click Advanced. From the dropdown menu for where the bootloader is to be installed, pick your Ubuntu root partition.

Once the Ubuntu install finishes, reboot your system into Windows 7. Then run EasyBCD and add an entry for Linux/GRUB.

You now have triple-boot working. To boot to Windows 7, use option and select “Windows”. to boot to ubuntu, use option and select “Windows”, then pick Linux from the EasyBCD menu.

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  1. Ole says:
    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    I have a MBP from late 2007 (3.1). But I would want to install Ubuntu 9.10 anyway. Which Model did you do it with?

    I will not have time to try your approach until next Sunday, but thanks for the detailed description, I will look into it soon.

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