Eventful night in Toronto

By , 2009-10-03 05:08

Yes, I know it’s 5AM on Saturday morning. Yes, I know I should be sleeping. Yes, I want to be sleeping. But I’m not. And for good reason. I’ll start from the beginning.

Friday night was awesome. I left work and drove Marie-Sophie and Sebastien home, then headed over to the Eaton Centre to hang out and have dinner. Later on, I met up with some friends at their apartment. Emma and Alina were just back from auditions for some sketch comedy. We then had a few drinks and headed over to Dance Cave and danced ’til the place closed, singing on the way there and back. Back at the apartment, we had some awesome 3AM pancakes and headed to bed.

Pretty good night so far. But now to why I’m awake at 5AM. About 30 minutes ago, I heard a loud annoying beeping sound. Turns out it was the carbon monoxide detector. So we called poison control, who told us to call 911. Emma and I waited outside for the firemen to show up. They did, sirens and all, and then proceeded to declare it a false alarm. The fire captain then proceeded to have Emma sign away her first-born child and wished us a good night.

And that’s why I’m up at 5AM on a Saturday. Also, now Emma, Alina and Muna have a notice from both the fire and police departments on their fridge :).

Emma checking out the rock damage on her finger

Emma checking out the damage caused by rocking out.

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