By , 2009-09-11 22:45

Ouf! First real week of school means lots of technical support tickets. And BlackBerrys. And phone calls. All in all, a pretty busy four-day week. Anyway, it’s Friday, which means time to relax. I made a bad habit this week of staying up ’til 1AM, despite knowing that I have work next day. We had absolutely beautiful weather this week, sunny and ~20°C every day; as Père Antoine said, last weekend was the nicest weekend of summer ’09.

So the Beatles remastered albums were released this week, I must say they sound a lot clearer, but I kind of like the old sound…. But at least now I can listen to Eleanor Rigby without feeling like I’m going deaf in one ear. I also realized that Queen has 3 Greatest Hits albums; I was wondering why mine didn’t have “I Want it All” or “Under Pressure” on it.

Weekend plans:

  • Get my File/Web/MythTV/Media/KVM/OpenVZ server running properly
  • Clean up my room properly/Buy a dresser or other furniture, probably fro Ikea
  • Help a friend get her ADSL connection working
  • Try to figure out RSP and investments and other money things

Looks like the weekend will be fairly busy too.

Last thing: Oh, Ender’s Game. Best book of grade 10. If only we could all become powerful by means of WordPress.

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